Friday, June 17, 2016

another fork

First I wanted to stick a fork in it, then I came back briefly. Now I think that the fork was the right call. Time to reinsert the tines. But before I do:

  • My second book of poems, Terminal Human Velocity, will be released by Stillhouse Press in late 2016 or early early 2017. Keep an eye out for it, would you?
  • I have a couple chapbooks out: the Law & Order-inspired narrative Rook & The M.E. and the poetry chapbook Weird Science.
  • There's a Shackleton poem up at Virginia Quarterly Review. (Suggested listening, speaking of Shackleton: Have Gun, Will Travel's album Science From an Easy Chair).
  • I'm writing this from my desk at Willapa Bay AiR, which might be the greatest residency in the whole goddamn world. (Sorry, VSC. I still love you.)
  • I forgot to do the year in photo review for 2015 and this kind of bums me out. 
  • Our second dog is very cute and a holy terror. His name is Jonesy.
  • I spend an awful lot of time on Instagram

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